Unblock British websites with VPN

August 27, 2015

Regardless if you are British and traveling abroad, or you live outside the UK, if you are not on the British territory you may be surprised to find out that you cannot access all British websites. The site’s administrator decided to set a boundary, which accepts users with IPs only from the UK. All the other users being blocked. Thus, even if you watch a movie on a British video streaming website, or you just wish to access information that can be found on a British website, the access to these sites won’t be granted. So, even though it is said that the internet has no boundaries, apparently some wish to set some geographical ones.

Traveling is great, but for someone living in UK that needs to go abroad, means that he or she may miss their favorite shows online or not be able to access some of the websites they used back home. So just by leaving the country, these people will have to let go to some habits they used to have when they were in the UK. At that point, you won’t find the existence of geographical boundaries in the online environment fair, but there is nothing you can do to chance it. At the moment you will try to enter a website, your device’s IP address will be visible, and your location will be known. Thus, as long as you will be outside the country, British websites will be blocked for your use.

Still, it is not impossible to enjoy these sites, no matter where in the world you are traveling or living. All you need is a VPN service and all the gates to blocked websites will be opened. Not only the British websites will be available for access, but other sites in the world, which use this type of blocking system, will be visible for you. If you are wondering how the VPN service works and how it does manage to obtain access to blocked websites, you should know that everything is connected with your IP address. The VPN service will hide your real IP address, granting one that will make you look like living in the UK, in the case you wish to access a blocked website in the country.

And hiding your IP address is not suitable just for accessing websites. Through this method, your identity, and personal data is protected as well, as no one will know who you are and where you came from. Many people use VPN services not just to gain unlimited access to the Internet, but also because this service offers a very efficient encryption method, which keep their most valuable data safe from curious eyes. And regarding the fact that cyber-crime is on the rise, it is great if you can get extra protection to keep you on the safe side when it comes to hackers and cyber-criminals. So a VPN service, which is not expensive at all, allows you to access all the websites you wish and keeps you protected at the same time.


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wow… ita amazing… feel like staying in uk n free to fly….