Total anonymity and connectivity with AntiDPI

April 22, 2015

What is Deep Packet Inspection?

Deep Packet Inspection is capturing a data part of your network packet for analyze which type of protocol or any logical information that could get. Bare network data holds opened every details on your  network activities on the internet including your credentials and sensitive informations.

Our service help you with encoding all your network data to keeping your all informations safe. Deep packet Inspection only shows that you are using encryption and that your packets are coming from our service.

Some governments like China and Iran using Deep Packet Inspection to create filtering from your internet data and most censorship actions based on Deep Packet Inspections. They even going further and banned all type of VPN connections. Our AntiDPI solution is second stage encryption for your VPN data. Unlike many other VPN services we managed to create hidden encryption for encapsulating our VPN connection that nearly impossible to determine even which protocol is used.

If your VPN connection blocked by your ISP though Deep Packet Inspection, antiDPI is best option for you. Currently supported by only in our Android application for premium accounts.


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