Safe Browsing the Internet in Kenya with Free VPN

October 29, 2015

Kenya is still one of those countries that do not limit their Internet access, use censorship or filtering system. But, the country did adopt a law, which is a bit controversial, about the use of technology and communication. The law is called the Communications Amendment Act, passed in January 2009. According to this law, any person that is transmitting, publishing, or causes the publication in an electronic shape, obscene information, is considered to be committing an offence. Also, it regulates the use of communication means and technology concerning illegal deeds. In the same year, 2009, authorities demanded that all people that are using a cell phone should submit their data and registration number. The rule is also applied to the ones that are using mobile devices to access the Internet.

So it’s not like you are in danger when using the Internet in Kenya, but, without a particular intention, you may end up on a website, or receive information, which is considered here to be offending. Thus, there is the possibility to be accused of something you didn’t want to do and unroll a series of processes until the entire situation gets cleared out. Instead of having such hustle, it is best to remain safe right from the start. Use the benefits a VPN connection is giving you and navigate over the Internet without the fear of doing something wrong, or being misunderstood. The VPN will protect both your data and your identity, not making yourself visible for the ones responsible for checking the activity over the Internet. It is not only a great method to stay hidden, but it also offers you a significant degree of protection against the persons that are looking to commit a cybercrime. The Internet is not such a safe place, and it doesn’t matter in which country you are because hackers can be everywhere, with the help of technology.

Also, Kenya is just starting out with implementing efficient technologies in the country. It is true that is a leader in Africa when it comes to offering Internet services, but there can be issues when it comes to security. Thus, to avoid any unpleasant situation, in which you are exposed to ill-intentioned persons, it is best to be safe right from the start with the use of VPNs. The best part is even your mobile device can be protected with the help of a Free VPN Service, so you can access the Internet anytime and anywhere, in complete safety. When you have such an accessible and efficient manner of remaining protected, VPNs being the most preferred method for keeping personal data and privacy safe on the Internet of many public and famous persons, it would be a pity to stay uncovered. The Internet is not a secure, not even in developed countries since flaws can always appear in the system, yet alone in developing countries. If your identity, data and privacy are important to you, when navigating in the online environment, don’t hesitate to use a Free VPN to keep the protected.


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Why don’t you do something we really need the 10Gb free internet in. It’s not a crime

kipkirui victor

This is the best step Kenya has taken.Congratulations


Hi victor. i guess all this is from safaricom. they just want to benefit from us! i wish if you tried free 10gb!!! Dear zpn management..we need the 10gb back

Too Wesley

great working with you