Safe Browsing on Android with ZPN Browser

March 5, 2016

Do you know that each time to access a browser, your device’s IP address is visible? With the IP address, your location will be revealed, and if a cybercriminal wants to, he may access your device and steal any valuable information you have stored.

It can be banking data, personal information, even information about your identity. Yes, these many can be done by just using the IP address of a computer or mobile device. And when you access a public network, by accessing a free Wi-Fi service, you are even more exposed, regardless if you are using a laptop or smartphone, or tablet. All devices are exposed to the same degree, when it comes to public networks, being more vulnerable to data theft and cyber-attacks.

So, what can be done, since you cannot just let go browsing the Internet? Of course, all this information should not scare you and make you stop using the Internet. It should raise awareness when it comes to using the Internet and what unseen dangers may lurk in the darkness of the online environment. Even so, you can remain protected while browsing, if you decide to use a ZPN Browser. The ZPN Browser is extremely efficient in protecting all website connections, more precisely in protecting you when using them, regardless if it is your home Internet connection or you are using a public connection. In both cases, you will enjoy the same degree of protection of your personal information and sensitive data.

But how can the Private Browser be so efficient? First of all, it works by protecting the most vulnerable part of your computer or device, the IP address. Yes, it hides your real IP address and provides the browser another one, picked randomly from the servers that fuel the proxy. So you may live in Georgia and get an IP address from Egypt, leading everyone that is trying to spy on you in error. Thus, they won’t be able to follow you, while you browse, won’t know where you’re coming from and what your current location is. Without a visible IP address, it would be impossible for someone to try to break into your device since it will not know its location. All they will see is a blurred signal, which will be encrypted and impossible to decipher, keeping your privacy and identity safe and sound.

Why risk to be intercepted by a hacker while browsing the Internet, when you can stay safe with ZPN Anonymous Browser? These days, the number of hackers increased, together with the expansion of technology over the world. Most of them might start out of fun or curiosity, but they will be able to do enough damage if they get on your computer or mobile device. And since we all store precious information there, it is understandable why we need an efficient protection.

ZPN Browser – Anonymous, Secure and Private Proxy Browser


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