Reasons why you should go undercover while surfing the Internet

July 21, 2015

It may be very quiet in the room you are using your computer and Internet connection. You might even close the lights and close the door because that won’t save you only from your family members of neighbors. The real danger comes from third parties that can instantly find out who you are, where you’re from and what intentions you have in the online environment. The moment you opened your browser and accessed a website, your personal computer or device’s IP address is visible, tracking everybody at your location. Not to mention that the wide of cookies is very widespread on the Internet. Cookies are small, harmless, programs, installed by websites to gather data about your preferences while navigating. But if some can install cookies, other may want more from you.

The Internet is a public place, literally, as you won’t get this much exposure anywhere else. For instance, you can walk naked in a park, but no one will know you. But online, not only that your naked walk will be shared all over the Internet, but everybody will find out many other details about you as well. So stop having the impression that it is hard to be tracked down online. You should really orientate yourself towards using tools that hide your IP address and cover your back while navigating online. It’s not only safe from any ill-intentioned actions, but it will also offer you the privacy you need, keeping everybody away from your personal data.

There are some ways to go incognito on the Internet, and hide from any inquisitive eye. Using a proxy server is one of the options you got. While they are rather easy to use and you can often find them as free services, you may be disappointed by other aspects. For instance, the Internet speed may suffer, some types of content may be hard to get, like music or videos, you may be bugged by advertisings, or you will be surprised to notice that some websites do not work in the presence of proxies. So how can you manage with these issues and still have the anonymity you need? Probably the best option available now is a VPN connection. It will cost a little, as any other monthly service, but you will have no problem regarding Internet speed or coverage issues.

VPNs are very much used by journalists and business owners in countries where the Internet connection is restricted or permanently monitored. With such a service, they can receive and transmit information, access websites that would be otherwise forbidden and enjoy safe communication online. Thus, if these people can make it in these harsh online environments, where everything is controlled, then it is easy to understand that this method will work for you as well. While using a VPN, all the things that will be visible will be the IP address given by the VPN, which is randomly chosen, in order to hide yours. So no one will ever know who you are and what your intentions are.


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