Protection from hackers with VPN

April 25, 2015

The Internet todays can be a very insecure environment, regardless of the fact that it gives us a lot of resources. Hackers have been existing since the Internet first appeared, so there is nothing new about the matter. But their numbers and their attacks have been multiplying in the past years, putting in danger our personal identity and integrity while working online. Hackers don’t seem to make a difference between a private user and a company, attacking whatever he may find interesting. Some of them doing it just for fun, breaking into your accounts or placing viruses and malware that could compromise your device. So there’s nothing to joke about it, and you should never think you are not exposed.

Do you enjoy having a coffee or a drink and using the available free Wi-Fi network you find in cafes? Well, you should know that those networks are the most dangerous, leaving you totally exposed in front of a hacker. Why? Because the password is public, and anyone can enter the network and do some damage if they wish. Of course, don’t think you are safer at home. If you don’t have a proper security measure installed, they can easily find a way to break into it. So how can we enjoy Internet and feel safe at the same time? The answer is a VPN service. It will protection both at home and in public hot-spots, regardless of the device you use to access Internet.

To better understand why VPN are so efficient for protection against hackers, let us get into more details. Each time you go out on the Internet, your IP address is visible. The IP address is the identification number of your device, which can be tracked and watched. Anyone can see where are you going and, more importantly, where are you coming from, being able to find and hack into your device. A VPN service will encrypt your information, not exposing you to the curious eyes. You IP address and any other personal information will be hidden, under an incomprehensible form, which cannot be read. So no one will know who you are, where are you navigating on the Internet and where did you come from. Your traffic will no longer be able to be monitored, and you will be in complete anonymity.

So, hackers, regardless of their skills and knowledge cannot harm something they cannot see. As the ZPN can offer you an invisible cloak, you can easily navigate the online environment without being spotted. Whatever you do, like money transfers, download, conversations, messaging, they won’t be able to be seen or discovered. It is why is best to use a ZPN especially when you use public networks, to avoid being seen or to have your personal data exposed.


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