Protect yourself from hackers on public Wi-Fi hotspots with VPN

November 23, 2015

Hotspot VPN

No matter how great Wi-Fi hotspots may appear to be, you should know that there aren’t safe at all. Cafés, restaurants, and other social places will offer free Wi-Fi services to their customers, and people think that this is a great advantage. There is no doubt that checking your e-mail or doing other activities over the Internet while savoring your coffee or other beverage, is something pleasant. But would you risk your identity and personal data for this pleasure? Probably you are not willing to risk that much. Still, why are these hotspots so dangerous?

The biggest problem of public hotspots is that they show their password to anyone. It is highly visible, placed in a spot where anyone can see it, without even ask it. Thus, the network can be accessed by anyone. Hackers are much attracted by these hotspots because for them it is like a free invitation. They can enter without an issue since the password is displayed, and enter in any device found active on that network at that time. They can get into smartphones, tablets, laptops, any mobile device that uses the Internet through that Wi-Fi hotspot. From there, they can take any personal data or information the user may have saved on the device, like back accounts, address, and many others, putting your safety in danger. So there is a risk you may find your bank accounts depleted or payments made using your name, which you never did. These things are possible if the hacker enters your device and steals your identity and other precious data.

What is Wi-fi hotspot VPN?

Is there a way to enjoy these Wi-Fi hotspots safely? Or they shouldn’t be used at all? Yes, you can enjoy these hotspots in a safe manner, by doing one simple thing to keep you safe. You need to get a free VPN service and have it installed on your device. Such service comes at a very low price, and can be used on multiple devices at the same time. Why is the VPN the best choice? Well, first of all, it will encrypt your personal information, including identity and the IP address of your device, making you invisible even to hackers. By not allowing your IP address to be visible, the VPN will also prevent the hacker from accessing your device. Without knowing this particular information, no hacker will be able to enter and still the information you have stored on your laptop or mobile device. Also, he will not see where you are going. Thus, it cannot track you or your activity in the online environment.

So it is rather simple to keep your data safe while using a Wi-Fi hotspot. The encryption methods used by a VPN services are the best there is in the present market. Why avoid using public Wi-Fi networks, just because you are afraid of not being hacked. You should enjoy the mobility these hotspots give you while keeping everything on the safe side. A VPN will make sure that there are no risks involved while doing this.


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