Protection through 10GB free VPN in public hotspots

March 24, 2015

If you are travelling or just in the mood to grab a coffee out while working, a free and public network might look very appealing. Well, the simple fact that anyone can access it and that the password is visible, or very easy to find out, makes it so vulnerable. In a period when hackers break in even into the most secured networks, compromising the database and internal information, entering a public network is kid’s play. Once a hacker is on the same network with you, there is the extremely high risk your security and personal information found on your computer to be stolen. Do you really want to risk that, for a couple of minutes of free internet downtown?

Don’t bother to ask the barista if their network is safe. None of them are. As long the password is not secret, anyone can enter by simply pressing a button. Yes, the situation may sound critical, but that doesn’t mean you will never leave house or your office, just because you cannot work anywhere else. You need to take the proper measurements to protect your personal information, even if you are using a public internet network. How? By using ZPN. It works just like a barrier between your computer and the internet, by sending all the information, in an encrypted way, through the server of the ZPN that it is providing you with this service. Only afterwards, your information will reach the wide web.

So, in the situation someone will mean intentions is scavenging on the network in attempt to find any data to steal, all he will get from your computer will be complete gibberish. The encrypted data catches a format that cannot be read or deciphered, thus your information and data are safe from any curious eyes. Also, your identity will also be kept as secret, so there is no worry at all that someone might detect who you are and what are you doing, while using an internet connection in a café bar. ZPN is a totally free VPN services and they can be used by a multiple varieties of devices. Starting with desktops and laptops, to smartphones and tablets. The mobile devices are the most exposed, because you take them with you when you want to sip a tea and navigate over the internet, by using a public network.

Does 10GB free VPN proctects you?

In the real world, you consider your personal information as being very private. Why don’t you set it to be the same in the virtual world as well? Stealing your ID in the real world can be somewhat difficult, but by simple accessing a public network, unprotected, will leave you completely exposed. Probably the though freaks you out, as you never thought of it like this. If you ever used a public network and nothing bad happened then you are lucky. But the next time, things might not be the same, as public networks are the perfect lure for uninvited guests. It is like leaving your house door opened. So make sure you have a ZPN protecting you, if you care about your security.


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So the Accounts which connected VPN from China are suspended ?