NSA mass surveillance program and protecting privacy with VPNs

November 13, 2015

When you access the Internet, being alone in your room or office, you have a feeling of security and privacy, since there is no one there to see what you are doing. Well, you are wrong in a way, because who is watching you does not have to be in the room. There are rumors that the NSA is unrolling a mass surveillance program, even if they will continually deny its existence. Since the Snowden case, a massive scandal that emerged around the fact that NSA was indeed surveying some persons they considered important, the matter of privacy over the Internet got a different dimension.

If the NSA was able to watch the actions of those people, in the attempt to find our information, it means that they can do this with anyone. It is very likely to have the technology, resources and will to develop and unroll a mass surveillance program. Of course, you might not be the target, and there is no need to panic, as this is not a conspiracy theory, but the Snowden case was one showing that some things concerning privacy are happening. According to Snowden, it appears that NSA mass surveillance program has been watching not only US citizens but also foreign ones as well. If it is so, then their surveillance web is much large than anyone can imagine. It means that no matter where you go, they will be able to spy on you and your activities.

The worst thing about mass surveillance is that even if the first evidence appeared in 2005, everyone suspects it is going on since at least 2001. Since then, the communication over the phone and the Internet of the American citizens, and not only, were being watched. At least in the US, it is a severe violation of privacy, an aspect that was settled by the Congress and USA’s Constitution. Also, in 2013, were published in the media a couple of secret documents, attesting the fact that the NSA could gather everything that was passing through optic fiber Internet connection, the connection used by everybody. In the same year, more evidence emerged concerning the fact that what was believed to happen in 2005 and 2006 was real, being no doubt about it.

How can you protect from NSA mass surveillance program with VPNs?

Thus, in the context in which privacy over the Internet can be compromised by the ones that should help us protect it, what can be done? Many people turned their attention towards using VPNs. They offer a high degree of protection, through sophisticated encryption patterns, unbreakable not even by NSA. It is said that the agency is trying to break the encryption codes of VPNs but have not managed to do so far, only with a couple of older algorithms. The ZPNs vpn encryption algorithms are always updated and changed to meet the safety requirements of an ever-changing online environment. With ZPN free VPN, you can be sure that your identity, personal data, location, communications over the Internet, will all be safe.


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