How much privacy do you think you enjoy every day?

September 23, 2015

Most probably you will say that you enjoy the privacy of your room or office, each time you navigate on the Internet. But it is a feeling given only by being in an enclosure, alone, because, on the other side of your computer’s screen, things are very much different. It may be hard to imagine that someone may spy on us while doing our online shopping or working peacefully on a project and doing online research. But the truth is that once the Internet is accessed, anyone with enough knowledge in the field can see our location and other details about us and our device.

The previous scenario is not part of a movie, as it is as real as it can get, but it is also not with the purpose of scaring you out. Avoiding the Internet just because someone might spy on you is not a solution. These lines were made to increase awareness, for all Internet users, about events that take place online every day. What is scarier is that most people will willingly connect their devices to any source of Internet, concerning less about their security and privacy. A good example would be the wireless Internet we find in most public places, like squares, cafes or restaurants. It may seem like a very great thing to enjoy, but those connections are extremely dangerous and insecure. Still, the Internet connection you use at home is not very far away either.

Do you have a password that regulates Internet access to your network? That is great, but it doesn’t mean it is unbreakable. Keep in mind that there are many hackers out there that have the equipment and knowledge to break very many networks and blockages. If they managed to enter highly secured institutions like NASA, it would be a child’s play to break your simple protection system. But, before panicking, there is something you can do to increase your security and levels of privacy. Many prominent persons in the world, including journalists, celebrities, and political people, use VPNs to gain anonymity and privacy. With the help of a VPN, they can communicate over the Internet without the risk of someone hearing them out. Or they can send files and information, without anyone curious enough to spy on them.

A VPN service is a non-expensive, but highly efficient protection method while using the Internet. Authorities, governments, and specialists tried to break the encryption methods used by VPNs but failed up to this point. A VPN will continuously bring improvements to its protection system, making sure that your location, identity, and other personal data, will not be revealed in the case of trespassing. Now you know what you can do to enjoy, for real, privacy while using your computer or mobile device. Keep in mind that it is a world filled with ill-intentioned people. And not only on the street but also in the online environment as well. They would take advantage of any weakness, to gain benefits for themselves and harm you.


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Help me i cant connect 23:34 RESOLVE: Cannot resolve host address: (No address associated with hostname)


You need to activate your vpn domain.


I can’t download torrent with zpn vpn anymore.
i changed all p2p locations but still cannot
plz tell me how to do it.


Please contact with support.