The Mayweather and Pacquiao box match watched for free with VPN

May 2, 2015

For all box enthusiasts or even people that wished to see some quality sports, the fight between Mayweather and Pacquiao was an event many waited to watch. Intensely mediatized, it was easy to understand that live video streaming services intended to ask a fee from the people who wished to see the match on the Internet. And they did, due to the pay-per-view services. To be able to see the fight a person took out $100 out of the pocket to pay for the video streaming service. Still, even so, there were a couple of countries that broadcasted the match online for free. Mexico, Dubai, China, Peru, even France had this match unrolling for free on video streaming.

For a person who was using a VPN service, accessing the game broadcasted online on a different country was not a problem. A VPN raises all restrictions or impediment caused by geographical locations, allowing the user to access any website, regardless of the state of its provenience. It only changes the IP address of the user and makes it look like someone from inside the country was trying to access it. The website administrator will never know who you are and where you can from. This also happens in the case of sites that block the access of users from particular geographical areas, granting the access only for local users. With VPN, such blockages do not exist, since the service creates a unique pathway for you and opens all online doors kept closed by others.

In the case of The Mayweather and Pacquiao box match, the VPN also modifies the user’s IP address, ensuring the access to the website that streamed the fight. For websites not to be able to see the IP address is not only an advantage, but a security method as well. The IP address of a user is visible wherever you choose to navigate in the online world. Thus, anyone can trace you back to your computer or mobile device. And some of these persons can be mean intentioned. This is how cyber-attacks happen and how people have their private data, and identity stolen. So a VPN will not only grant access everywhere, but will also make sure that your privacy and identity are fully protected.

Next time you want to see a sports event for free or in case you wish to access a blocked web page, use a VPN service and both of these will be available for you. Also, if you want to make sure you are protected and the data you keep on your computer or mobile device is in safety, again, the VPN service will make sure no one will track you back and find a way to fraudulent enter your device.


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