Internet censorship in Pakistan

March 7, 2015

We love the internet and we love using it on a daily basis. A lot of people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get in touch with friends. Some cannot live without it and some even use media platforms to advertise their products. Think just one second if Facebook, Twitter and Youtube blocked in your country.g

But did you know that not everyone is able to enjoy the entire benefit of using it? Sadly, there is a country like Pakistan that has censorship over their internet. Why would their government even control such thing?

Where we live, we know our right to freedom of speech. Unfortunately for the people living in Pakistan, their government controls the info they send out and receive. Yes people, they are all monitored by the big guys. But what happened? This was clearly not an issue before. You may be surprised as to why Pakistan took matters into their own hands.

Back in 2010, Pakistan decided to block the ever famous Facebook and other websites that has to do with a contest that wants their contestants to draw the image of their Prophet Mohammad . It was clearly an insult to Pakistan’s religions and they obviously took steps to stop it. They made it a point to filter content that they think are blasphemous to their religion or a threat to their country’s security.

How to access blocked sites in Pakistan?

Believe it or not, their government has now blocked websites such as YouTube and torrents sites like Kickass. They are also doing their best to finally block pornography from their internet. You can unblock any sites with ZPN.

Always be thankful with the freedom you have, not everyone has the same right.


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