Internet Censorship in Nigeria

July 5, 2015

We heard about so many countries already, which implemented Internet censorship, in order to control what type of content the citizens of the state access. Thus, all the websites they consider inappropriate are banned, including social media networks like YouTube or Facebook. So what seems to be normal for everyone to enjoy, in other countries, is forbidden in Nigeria. Although, the authorities claim to have adopted this solution to fight against cyber-crime since they consider it a crime against humanity. Still, perhaps it would have been better to find more efficient measures against cybercrime, and allow free access to information. But it seems that for now, this is the best measure, in their opinion.

And websites like YouTube are not only used for poor quality videos or instigative remarks. They are a source of great tutorials and how-to videos, where you can gather valuable information about a great variety of things you can do and activities. Not to mention that you can find useful documentaries and scientific information. But once it is banned for negative content, access to the rest of the content will also be banned, since there isn’t the possibility of selecting the type of information present on a website. So, isn’t there any safe way to enjoy the available information online?

The answer is yes, there is a way people in Nigeria can be safe from cyber-crimes and have access to any information. The solution is VPN services. Most certainly it is already used by foreign investors, who wish to have access to whatever websites they need to keep their business going. Most business have accounts on social media networks, to stay connected with their customers or potential customers. So not having access to them is not an option. VPNs are great because not only will they grant you access to any website, but they also act as a very efficient protection against anyone that might attempt to track your moves or to hack into your computer. It keeps the IP address hidden, leading hackers and cyber-criminals into error.

Considering the amount of protection it offers, a VPN services is very affordable. And the best part is that authorities won’t be able either to tell if you are accessing forbidden websites. When the VPN blocks outside visibility, regarding your personal information and online navigation details, it blocks it for everyone, authority or hacker. No one will ever know where you are coming from and what you intend to do online. Thus, anyone in Nigeria can opt for such type of services if they wish to enjoy the full benefits of online connections. The solution has worked in so many other countries that have Internet censorship, and most definitely it will work in Nigeria as well. VPN services have no boundaries, as they can erase the geographical location of the computer or device using it, making it appear like being located in an entirely different area. It is the best stealth mode you can acquire.


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