Unblock Youtube in Indonesia

March 10, 2015

YouTube and Facebook are an everyday commodity regarding the use of Internet for so many of us. They are quite a must-have these days and most people from a modern society cannot see their lives without them. But how about if I tell you that there are people who may not enjoy the same things like us? For them, social networks and many other websites are considered to break the government regulations. Therefore, they are forbidden. So what is the point of proving the citizens with the Internet connection, if you do not permit then to have an open access to information, a large number of Internet users might ask.

It is the case of Indonesia, which believes in the power Internet can offer to support the growth and development of the business sectors. But, at the same time, they are afraid of the impact some information found on the Internet, especially pornography and anti-Islamic content, can have on the population. And since these types of information are considered dangerous and offending, any page that will contain them will be forbidden in Indonesia. Well, you will think that banning the websites with negative content is not that bad, but the problem is more severe than that. Some websites are forbidden just because a message or a picture that is considered inappropriate appeared on their display.

Even though there is a very vast type of information on YouTube, and it is not necessarily a place where you can find only video with an evil influence, it was banned in Indonesia because of a movie called “Fitna”. The film contains controversial information about the Qur’an and its followers, and YouTube was blocked because it failed to respond to the request sent by the Indonesian government to remove the film. So just because a movie was not accepted the entire population is not allowed to enjoy YouTube anymore, in Indonesia. And the list can continue since some accounts on Facebook were blocked due to the same reasons. Vimeo, Reddit, and Imgur are also banned, because they have content that presents the nudity.

How to unblock Youtube?

In this case, only a good VPN service can redeem the right of people to seek for information over the Internet. But this is not related to finding pornographic websites, it is about the fact that YouTube also has a great number of educative and useful videos. Internet itself is an excellent source of quality information, but it is of no use if it is restricted. Who knows what other web pages will be banned in Indonesia? For now, VPN services are the only gateway to unforbidden information.


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