Gaining anonymity with VPN on the Internet

April 20, 2015

You probably don’t want to be exposed when it comes to surfing the Internet. Most companies are making surveys, planting cookies on your computer, in order to find out what you like and what you prefer. Not to mention hackers and other highly trained specialists who can always track where you’ve been. So remaining anonymous on the Internet is not only to have your own privacy, but also to be protected from any intrusive attempts. You should also know that your Internet service provider may also track your online activities, to see where you are navigating. Perhaps this is something you don’t like to hear either.


Vpn Configuration

April 15, 2015

On the account menu of the webpage there is a section of your vpn configuration. We have implemented this feature couple of months ago but did not introduced in anywhere. These configurations generally based on OpenVPN settings. The main difference is that you can easily change settings without a text editor by just selecting what you want to use. Some of functions working with our clients as well.


Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

April 10, 2015

Internet censorship is not a new matter in Pakistan, as the authorities started to block a high-interest website, like Facebook, since 2010. All of this because they considered the content unsuitable. In 2012, it came the turn of YouTube, which was banned from the public use of the Internet connections in Pakistan. Protests were made by the unhappy citizens, especially in Hyderabad, in an attempt to restore their rights to free information and content. Because of a movie, considered by the Pakistani government a blasphemy, the entire YouTube channel was blocked. (more…)

Private networks are starting to get blocked in China

April 6, 2015

China’s siege over the freedom of Internet now affects the private networks as well. Authorities have found a sophisticated technology that can carefully monitor every move. (more…)

Protection through 10GB free VPN in public hotspots

March 24, 2015

If you are travelling or just in the mood to grab a coffee out while working, a free and public network might look very appealing. Well, the simple fact that anyone can access it and that the password is visible, or very easy to find out, makes it so vulnerable. In a period when hackers break in even into the most secured networks, compromising the database and internal information, entering a public network is kid’s play. Once a hacker is on the same network with you, there is the extremely high risk your security and personal information found on your computer to be stolen. Do you really want to risk that, for a couple of minutes of free internet downtown? (more…)

How to access Hulu Plus on the outside of the U.S. by using ZPN

March 18, 2015

Hulu Plus is one of the best online video streaming services you can get. It is rather cheap, as you get to pay only $7.99 every month and enjoy the best movie series and more. But this happens only if you live in USA because it is a service available only to the American citizens. So, how can it help to know Hulu Plus is so great if you can’t use it? Well, the secret is that you can use if, after all if you have a ZPN. With this service, all geographical boundaries are wiped off, letting you enjoy the service you want best, no matter where you are. (more…)

The freedom of the Internet in Saudi Arabia with VPN

March 15, 2015

There is news everywhere that more countries are restricting the Internet access, due to various causes. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that chose to put a censorship on the Internet. So if you ever travel there, don’t be astonished when you will notice that access to some web pages is restricted, showing you a message saying “Sorry, the requested page is unavailable”. You won’t have to worry that the page is down, is just the restrictions placed by the local Government. Perhaps only a good VPN service can help you, in this case, permitting access where most Saudi Arabia inhabitants do not have. (more…)

Unblock Youtube in Indonesia

March 10, 2015

YouTube and Facebook are an everyday commodity regarding the use of Internet for so many of us. They are quite a must-have these days and most people from a modern society cannot see their lives without them. But how about if I tell you that there are people who may not enjoy the same things like us? (more…)

Internet censorship in Pakistan

March 7, 2015

We love the internet and we love using it on a daily basis. A lot of people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get in touch with friends. Some cannot live without it and some even use media platforms to advertise their products. Think just one second if Facebook, Twitter and Youtube blocked in your country.g


Freedom of Speech Through VPNs

March 5, 2015

In order to understand what the connection between freedom of speech and VPN, we must first look at the definition of VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that allows people to access networks outside of the controller of the network, e.g a government. VPN allows people the world over to access websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other global websites. There are a number of countries that have set up firewalls that disable their citizens from accessing such sites as well as even government sites. (more…)