Increased firewall protection in China affects VPN providers

February 26, 2015

In recent times, some of the most reputable VPN providers worldwide have noticed they are encountering problems down in China. Users have reported weak connectivity, especially on mobile devices. Because VPN allows anyone to access uncensored information over the Internet, is this attempt at strengthening the firewall as a way to censure the people? We all know that some websites are being blocked because they pose a category of risks. Let us see what these protection enhancements are trying to gain and which risks are attempting to diminish.

The blockage, named by officials “The Golden Shield”, has blocked some of the most used network places on the Internet. Websites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, are banned. Also, you won’t be able to find any website that contains comments of political nature or that sent newsletter with external information. It seems like they are slowly starting to create a “golden globe”, against information, rather than a shield. So people chose to pay for VPN services in order to pass this shield and gain access to the information mentioned above. Only that the worst part of this scenario is that this access is also narrowing. Considering that the VPN services are mainly used by foreigners that found themselves on the territory of China, this doesn’t affect only the local people, but also the investors and businesspersons.

Business owners are already showing their concern that the Internet connections in China are posing difficulties in their business activities. They do have a VPN service, but what will happen after the shield project is completed? What if all VPS services will be blocked, together with the chance of contact the outer world with the help of the Internet. The happiest cases are in the larger companies, who have proprietary VPN services, as they are covered with the Internet shortage matter. But these are isolated cases, most investors do not have the same benefits. Already more than half of the American companies operating in China’s mainland are complaining about the working condition made by the restrictive Internet connections.

So if you are travelling over there and face problems with your VPN service, you should know the problem is not occurring because of server failures. It is a real situation that is happening in the Chinese Internet providing. VPN providing companies are trying to figure out a solution, in order to help out their customers who rely on their services in China. We will just have to see how things evolve and if China will be willing to become a bit more permissive, regarding the freedom of information.


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