What happened in Turkey two days prior to Twitter blocking?

July 29, 2015

Most of us cannot imagine their lives without Twitter. Not only does it help in remaining connected to the people we love, but it also makes the perfect environment for following the individuals we admire or to boost our businesses. Still, there are some countries that believe Twitter is harmful, leading to its ban. Turkey is one of the countries that decided to block access to Twitter, entering the group of countries that use censorship in the sphere of Internet and free access to information. It may be interesting to know what happened with just two days before this phenomenon took place.

Earlier this month, Twitter users in Turkey found out in a Wednesday morning that they cannot access their accounts any longer. Everybody got rather puzzles since no public announcement was made by the authorities, stating their desire to block this website. At first, the causes for the blocking of Twitter were unknown since neither of the Ministry of Transport nor Maritime Affairs and Communications admitted to having anything to do with the stopping of Twitter. So it was believed that the Union of Internet Providers, in Turkey, may have some connection with the phenomenon that raised so many questions.

It appears that images from the recent terrorist even in Suruc, the Urfa Province of Turkey, is the reason for the blocking of Twitter. It seems that authorities are not very happy with the publishing of the images that depict Turkey as an easy target for terrorist attacks. They stated that as soon as those images are removed, access to Twitter will be granted again. The decision to put a block on the website came as a court order. Earlier this year, YouTube was also blocked, due to some images showing a prosecutor held as a hostage. As soon as the images were removed, authorities kept their word and redeemed the access to YouTube once again. So it is a high possibility that Twitter will come back to its full functioning in Turkey if the conditions set by the local court are respected.

How to unblock Twitter in Turkey?

If users in Turkey had used a VPN network service, the problem of Twitter being blocked would not have affected them. A VPN is capable of granting immediate access to any website, even if it is blocked by local authorities. Also, the user should not be worried as being found as a trespasser, since the filtering system used will not be able to detect the person trying to access the page, like Twitter in this case. VPNs keep the IP address of the user hidden, showing a different IP that comes from the VPN’s server and may be from a different country. Thus, a VPN service will not only granting you access to whatever websites you wish to access but will also keep your identity hidden, this aspect being crucial in remaining safe while surfing online.


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