Go for a complete anonymity and connectivity by using AntiDPI

April 27, 2015

Deep Packet Inspection


DPI goes for Deep Packet Inspection, and it gathers data found in your network pack and analyzes it for the purpose of finding the used protocols or any other information that is logic. If you didn’t know, the uncovered data on your network acts as an open door, allowing everyone to see details about your activities on the network and other sensitive information, like credentials and other personal data. What our service is doing for you, is to help you keep this type of information safe, by using encoding systems. Thus, the DPI will display the fact that you are using encryption methods and what service you are using, meaning it will spot our service, and that’s all.

Restrictive governments, like the ones of China and Iran, will use the DPI as a filter for your data seen on the Internet. The action usually leads to the censorship of the websites they consider to be undesirable, blocking your access to them. You might think VPN is a solution to obtain unrestricted access, but they even went further and banned these services as well. The AntiDPI service we are talking about is practically a supplementary encryption for the data you pass through a VPN connection. We exceeded the security protection of any other VPN services, by coming up with an extra method of keeping the anonymity of our VPN connection, making the recognition of the protocol impossible by external parties.

If you find yourself in the situation of having a VPN connection interrupted by the ISP you are using, through a DPI method, then only an AntiDPI solution is the only way to lift the barrier. The option is available exclusively in our premium accounts, in our applications that run on Android operating system.

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