The freedom of the Internet in Saudi Arabia with VPN

March 15, 2015

There is news everywhere that more countries are restricting the Internet access, due to various causes. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that chose to put a censorship on the Internet. So if you ever travel there, don’t be astonished when you will notice that access to some web pages is restricted, showing you a message saying “Sorry, the requested page is unavailable”. You won’t have to worry that the page is down, is just the restrictions placed by the local Government. Perhaps only a good VPN service can help you, in this case, permitting access where most Saudi Arabia inhabitants do not have.

The filtering of Internet content in Saudi Arabia began in 2006. The local authorities keep a list with forbidden web pages. Among these pages are the ones that are considered to have immoral content, like pornography and nudity, and pages that make reference to the Shia Ideology. There are others blocked websites as well if the security committee will consider this necessary. The Government even encourages citizens to report pages that contain immoral content, as they have a particular electronic form anyone can fill up and make a complain about it.

Even though filtering started more intense in 2006, the decision to start screening web content was taken in 2001. Studies made on this matter declared the initiative of the Saudi Arabia government to most aggressive censorship ever applied on pornographic, drug abuse, gambling habits and the religious conversion of Muslims. Wikipedia and Google Translate are banned since 2006. It seems that some people used the help of these website to tackle the censorship by translating the forbidden pages. Since last year, the General Authority for Audiovisual Media from Saudi Arabia plans to regulate how YouTube works over the territory of the country. They are primary against videos with terrorist content, which is considered to perturb the public order and the feeling of safety.

How to Unblock Censorship with VPN?

If you plan to unroll an activity or business in Saudi Arabia, you have to consider this aspect. Ask the support of a reliable VPN service provider that will help you get unrestricted Internet access over there. Since the Government and its local authorities are very vehement and very active in controlling any web content, we will never know what will be banned next. So probably a VPN service is the best way to be safe and be sure that your Internet connection will not be affected by the local restrictions and censorship. To make an idea of how things can degenerate, even the Arabic Wikipedia has a large number of articles that are banned, without any precise explanation from the authorities. Well, if their content is not good enough for the population, it is hard to believe that the foreign websites will. Thus, make sure you are adequately prepared for what’s about to come regarding the Internet censorship in Saudi Arabia.


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