Free VPNs Not Always Keep You Safe in the Internet

May 23, 2015

Internet security is a concern that makes us believe that it is not good to give all the correct information. There are many things and methods that can be used to hack or get the information breaking through some security isn’t what’s really difficult for some genius people out there. But, other than hacking, there is something more that should be your concern and that is leaking of your information. VPN as the same stands for virtual private network, it is meant to be a private network through a public network.

As we all know that it enables your computer to get and send the data across to other networks or computers using a public network. All this is just similar in a way that the other network is just connected to your own computer. However, the security of this information is a concern for some people for a long time since with technology, there are always some pros and cons.

Yup! That’s right, there is some security concern related to VPN. But that doesn’t mean that they are not secured enough to get your private information without getting them hacked or leaked. Just like many things, there are some good and bad VPN servers that offer their services to you. It’s you who have to select the best for you.

So who are safe and what you can do about it? Well, we are not saying that all VPNs are not safe, just Free VPNS not always keep you safe on the internet. There is some free VPN available for you so that you can get your networks with ease, but they are certainly not safe since there are several news and cases that tell us that there might be a few of them who are selling some of the private data and information to the third party.

Knowing how important some information can be for the clients, this is the prime concern for people who trust the VPN services and systems. Not all the VPN service providers you came across are worthy of your trust. There are some of these free VPN providers that keep a track of your logs, IP address, as well as some, keeps a track of the time you stay connected. There are a few cases that seem to say that some of these free VPN providers also keep an eye on the type of traffic that goes on your network.

They might give a clarification that they have to do it to check that there is certainly nothing illegal going on that will damage the reputation or the network. However, that level of snooping doesn’t make much sense or does it?

So, once you know which VPN you are using as a service provider, make sure that you can trust them as trusting them with your information is a great deal. Your information can be very important to you and no one has a right to sell them without your consent. Giving some money and having a secured VPN service provider won’t be much a pain. As it is better than getting scammed or facing a problem with your information out before you can even know about it. So think before you select any VPN service provider.


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