You should definitely use VPN services to enjoy protection online, but not a free service

July 31, 2015

The Internet is a service everybody is using. It became a mean for communications, data transfer, bank transfer and many more. Thus, it is highly understandable that everything that becomes so popular, grabbing the attention of the entire world, it will also grab the attention of people that will wish to do some harm. Our personal data, location and other details we use in the online environment are not safe. Every move we make, every website we visit, can be easily tracked down due to our IP address. This unique number is visible each time we navigate online, so whoever has some experience or training in the IT field can quickly find out who you are and what are you doing online.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that you may be attacked by a cyber-criminal, but this risks exists in the vast online environment. So it is great to use an efficient protection method. Up to now, VPN services are probably the most affordable and most effective. But, not all VPN providers are reliable. There are some VPN services online that are free of charge. Many people use them from the desire to remain protected and enjoy the privacy a VPN service is giving you. But are these people receive this for real? An example of such an insecure free VPN service is Hola. It appears that instead of protecting its users, Hola is actually a botnet. If you are not familiar with the term, botnet means a private network that contains malicious software, and it is controlled without the knowledge of its users.

Some of the Hola users noticed that the band that was supposed to be secure for their navigation online, is actually being sold, with the purpose of granting third parties to access it, without you even knowing it, or sending unwanted software, like spams. Now this is not the reason you probably looked for a VPN service. The idea of not having to pay for a safety program may be attractive, but you may end up being a sure target, instead of being protected. So, if you are using Hola, uninstall it immediately and remove all its plugins, including the ones on your mobile devices. You should redirect your attention towards a more reliable VPN service provider, which does not offer free, but doubtable services.

If you do a little research, you will notice that VPN services are not expensive at all. For the monthly sums you have to pay, you can enjoy the maximum discretion and protection. A right VPN service will not allow third parties to roam free on their networks, will not allow spams and other malware to get to you, and will not disclose your IP address. Thus, you can easily navigate online, without being watched, tracked or hunted down by anyone with a mean intentions or identity thieves. You protection in the online environment worth a lot more than there small sum you will have to pay for a reputable VPN service.


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