Data retention laws in Australia and upcoming with VPN

April 29, 2015

Using secured Internet providers, like VPNs, we were sure that our data is kept safely, and our identity protected. But now, Australia is joining UK, by introducing a data retention bill. The new law will require all Australian telecommunications and Internet providers to stock their clients’ metadata for at least two years. The measure is claimed to help the need of fighting not only terrorism, but also other criminal acts. Still, there are certain groups of people that are concerned regarding their freedom and privacy. Journalists worry about press freedom, and there is even a concern about whistleblowers, as they might lose their identity and coverage.

Of course, the prime minister of Australia stated that anyone who wanted to access metadata of journalists would have to obtain a warrant. Thus, there are no real reasons to be worried about. But what about private users? The average persons wouldn’t require a warrant to snoop around their data? It would be fair to let at least a person know why do you need to access his personal metadata if not even get his acceptance to do it. People are worried that this method, hidden under the coverage of higher security for the country and its people, is just another surveillance plan. It is not like anyone can access metadata, but if the service providers had to store it for two years, there might be a request for this action during those two years.

The costs of this entire operation are not made public. Also, they do not want to discuss the risks of unauthorized interventions on the stocked data. Not to mention that the method is not proven to be an efficient way for security, by gathering the data of millions of potential suspects. A VPN service provider , ZPN has the exact task of keeping your data and identity safe, tackling all the measures and restrictions imposed by governments. It encrypts your personal information so that it won’t be recognizable. Besides the VPN service provider, no one will ever know who you are and what you are doing. But the request to keep your data stocked for two years might change that, especially if the authorities will consider your person interesting or suspicious. Even so, they should not access you data without a notice and a warrant. Your privacy and security are at stake. Until this law is fully understood and explained, VPNs will continue working on keeping you safe and covered while unrolling your activity on the Internet.


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