Closing down of Grooveshark and accessing Pandora with VPN

June 7, 2015

In the same time with Grooveshark closing, the access to free music also disappears. Grooveshark was the most appreciated music streaming website because it had no limitations regarding listening to any music. No free was required, and the user had the possibility of listening to as many songs he liked. Perhaps the unlimited aspect of this website brought the closure, due to the many copyright owners of the songs played through this streaming service, who disagreed with the site’s principle. It looks like the ordinary user was the only one who enjoyed the existence of Grooveshark, artists and publishers starting a real war against the developers of this free service. Eventually, they won, and it looks like Grooveshark is not coming back anymore.

But under these circumstances, there is one question that raises in the mind of music enthusiasts. How are they going to enjoy good free music? We all enjoy music, and we might pay for some albums or songs, belonging to our most favorite artists. Still, great songs appear all the time and our budget may not be available to pay for all of them. Pandora is an excellent alternative when it comes to free music. It is an audio streaming service that allows users to pick their favorite songs and create their personalized playlist. Still, due to a set of inconveniences, Pandora can only be access from US, Australia, and New Zealand. All the other people, living in other countries, will receive an apologize message of not having the possibility to use this service when trying to access the Pandora web page.

How to access Pandora outside of US?

Why is this happening? Well, the answer is rather straightforward. When you attempt to access the site, you IP address is visible, and it will automatically know you are coming from a geographical zone out of the accepted range. Probably you think if there could be any way to hide your IP so that the website cannot see it, granting you access to Pandora. There is even a better solution. Not only that it will hide your IP address, making you go stealth entirely, but it will also grant you another IP, making you appear like coming from the right geographical zone. This solution is called VPN, and it will help you access any website that has any restrictions regarding zones, including Pandora.

Lift the limits and enjoy any online streaming service you like. Need more free music, use a VPN service and get access to Pandora, no matter where you live on Earth. The VPN will protect your Internet navigation, not allowing anyone to see you IP address, keeping you protected from any cyber-attacks. And it will also enable you to use the services of any websites, which might usually be restricted.


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