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October 20, 2015

We might all think that there is no such thing as Internet censorship in America. They are fierce promoters of the freedom of speech and expression, so the authorities should have minimal influence over the Internet here.
Still, you may be amazed to find the name “USA” on the “Enemies of the Internet” list, made by the Reporters Without Border’s group. Could this mean that the internet is indeed under surveillance in America as well? Why is America included on a list that contains only countries that ended up censoring the Internet? It appears that they have some reasons of concerns, even if no one is even talking about Internet’s controlled access in the US.

It appears that the concerns come from the fact that the American government undermined the security offered by the Internet by imposing its rules. Also, it was proven in a couple of occasions that authorities will not only unroll surveillance operations on the Internet but will also decryption activities, which are meant to break someone’s cover in the online environment. It is well-known the fact that America has some of the best IT specialists in the world, gathered from all the countries, attracted in by successful jobs. But it is less known the fact that they use these professionals to compromise the encryption made by someone, out of the attempt to protect certain content or information on the Internet. And all of these are made without having a definite proof that a person is doing illegitimate activities over the Internet. It seems that the government like to do surveillance, but when it comes to admitting it, it will always find an explanation that will cover the truth.

To know that your Internet connection is censored and filtered is one thing, but you actually believe you are free of using the Internet the way you want, but be spied while you’re doing this is an entirely different aspect. Let us think about the Snowden case, the entire scandal that arose after disclosure regarding global surveillance have come to the surface. We may never know if this is only the tip of the iceberg, since if an organization has so much power and influence in making broad surveillance actions, it is very likely to be doing them in their home country as well. It is a scenario no one wishes to admit or accept, but it may be true, unfortunately. People that have a certain degree of knowledge in computer science have noticed unauthorized access on their personal computers, not knowing exactly who did it and with what purpose. This may be happening with the help of Internet and the high number of new software released out there, designed for different types of purposes, but which can have other hidden aspects as well. Yes, it may sound like a conspiracy theory, but the regular Internet user will always be far away from the truth and how present technology is being used. Since there were leakages that high authorities are interested in knowing what people do, then something is definitely going on out there, beyond our knowledge.

So can it be possible to have that peace of mind, when navigating over the Internet? Is there any way to know that you and your identity, plus personal data, are safe? The good news is that there is a way and a very efficient one as well. It is a method that has such efficient encryption engines that not even the specialists of the higher authorities managed to compromise them. It is true that they are trying very hard to do so, also behind closed curtains, but they didn’t succeed much. This method is called a VPN connection, and it is doing the job of keeping thousands of people protected worldwide during their use of the online environment. VPN developers always make sure that the encryption methods used are up to date and unbreakable. If something can be compromised by a third party, they will almost immediately replace it by a newer and more efficient method. Some may find a way to pass older layers of VPN encryption, but new ones, more reliable and powerful will appear, as a result of technologic development and research, to offer the same unbeatable protection to everyone using VPNs.

The VPN is used by important people, like journalists and public figures, for communicating and transmitting data over the Internet in a safe manner. They are also being used by people that travel abroad, in countries where Internet censorship is fully implemented. Thus, it can very well help Americans keep their Internet connections safe as well. For a frugal sum, you can benefit from privacy, anonymity, and security while using the Internet. You can use the same type of free VPN for multiple devices, ensuring this way that regardless of how you access the online environment, you will remain protected. A VPN will work as efficient on a mobile phone or tablet, as much as it works on a desktop or laptop. It is designed to keep Internet connection safe, not developed to work on a particular device.

In case you are wondering why VPNs are so efficient, is because they manage to keep your identity and location away from the eyes of the curious. You IP address, the ones that disclose where you are and who you are, is completely hidden and cannot be accessed. Thus, without this information, no one can spy on you or access your device. It is like wearing a cloak while surfing the Internet. A presence may be sensed, but no one will know who you are, where are you going and what you intend to do. Everything regarding your activity on the Internet will be a long row of encryption symbols, not disclosing any details about your person. So this solution may be the most plausible one, in case you wish to know that what you do on the Internet is strictly your business. With the help of a VPN, no one will be able to stick their nose in other person’s personal issues.


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