Avoid Being Monitored Online with VPN

May 12, 2015

If you think your network provider is safe and won’t wonder around monitoring your activity, then you are wrong. In spite of your belief that no one is interested in what you are doing online, you should know that there are quite a couple of systems used to monitor everybody, regardless where they are and what they do. ISPs, corporations, even hackers, have systems implemented to track and monitor our online activity. All right, maybe you don’t have anything to hide of be ashamed of. But still, if they can follow you and find where you are, they can use this to look at your e-mails, bank transfers and another type of information you are not so keen on sharing.

Yes, the scenario might sound scary, now that you know you are being watched. It is uncomfortable to know that, even though you felt safe in the privacy of your home while doing your activity online, this feeling now fades away. So, the conclusion is that if entities that wish to do no harm can monitor your activity, ill-intended entities are capable of doing the same thing in the same manner. Thus, it is not only to protect your privacy, but it also regards keeping your personal data safe. While reading someone’s emails might be innocent, looking over one’s financial data is not that great. And with the incidence of hacker attacks on personal computers, the matter of privacy and security on the Internet is turning into a public concern.

How to avoid being monitored online with ZPN?

But enough with the scary facts already, because there is a way to keep your privacy and safety untouched. A VPN service will encrypt your identity and data regarding where you’re coming from and what you’re doing over the Internet. Thus, no one will be able to tell who you are or track your activity. Just make sure the VPN is active before you launch yourself online, and any worry regarding your privacy will be gone. The reason a VPN is so efficient in not allowing your online activity to be monitored is because it will put you in a stealth mode. It will create a private tunnel between you and your online destination. And while you are navigating through this tunnel, no one can see you and find out what you plan to do. Also, the VPN will not reveal the IP address of your device. The IP is a unique identification number of your device, which can be seen each time you access a web page. Due to this number, all entities that wish to track you and monitor your activity will be able to do that.

So it is not about hiding the fact that you’re reading an e-book, do shopping on particular sites or look at controversial content. It is about your privacy and security, not allowing curious eyes to spy on you, especially hackers or identity thieves. With such an escalating number of cyber-attacks, the privacy matter is an ardent one.


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