Australia adopted a law against “pirate” websites

July 24, 2015

The term “pirate website” is rather familiar to most Internet users. It is that place where you can find games, films, music, and many more, free of charge. The only condition these websites have is to offer yourself as a sharer for what you downloaded. The more the sharers are for a particular file, the better the download speed it will be. It is like an underground marketplace, where you can find anything you need, for small change. Still, many countries do not appreciate these types of websites, and will do anything to block them. More precisely, the entertainment industry is upset by the fact that people choose to take everything from there, instead of buying a product with copyrights.

And this is what happened in Australia. The groups that were a part of the entertainment industry build up pressure for the development of a law that will block these websites as ISP level. That mean that they will stop being available for all Internet users in the territory of Australia. In March this year, this bill receive the approval to be implemented, meaning that the ones who wished for this to happen won the war. So, if you are familiar with The Pirate Bay, you should know what soon the “access forbidden” message will appear on the Australian PC screens. And many other websites similar to this one will have the same faith.

It seems that only entertainment representative are happy about this change. The companies in the ISP and technology domains complained about this aspect of the law, foreseeing an unfortunate expansion of this law in the future. Let us just think about the censorship of the internet in so many countries, made under the cover that they protect against piracy and cyber-attack. But they are more suppressing the people’s freedom towards information. Sure, there is still the solution of using VPNs, although there are serious concerns that these services will be affected as well. And as politicians stated that VPN services won’t suffer due to the acceptance of the new law, they still refused to formulate an exoneration for them.

The parties that created the law consider that they are serving a noble cause, protecting the creative organizations from being robbed of their talent. They stated that pirate websites were not created by people with clean intentions, but by individuals that wish to take advantage of the creative spirit of others. The purpose of this law is to combat piracy and to save the communities and business in the creational sector in the Australian background. It would be nice to be just that, only which in most cases this aspect degenerate in other, more unwanted, scenarios. Let’s just hope that VPNs will still be a service to be freely enjoyed, as promised, on the territory of Australia.


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