Unblock YouTube in Pakistan

April 10, 2015

Internet censorship is not a new matter in Pakistan, as the authorities started to block a high-interest website, like Facebook, since 2010. All of this because they considered the content unsuitable. In 2012, it came the turn of YouTube, which was banned from the public use of the Internet connections in Pakistan. Protests were made by the unhappy citizens, especially in Hyderabad, in an attempt to restore their rights to free information and content. Because of a movie, considered by the Pakistani government a blasphemy, the entire YouTube channel was blocked. (more…)

Internet censorship in Pakistan

March 7, 2015

We love the internet and we love using it on a daily basis. A lot of people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get in touch with friends. Some cannot live without it and some even use media platforms to advertise their products. Think just one second if Facebook, Twitter and Youtube blocked in your country.g