China appreciates technology but not so much Internet

July 29, 2015

Well, of course, this is the idea of the Chinese government, who instituted censorship on the Internet connections within the country’s territory. If you would ask the people in the country, they probably won’t be too happy about this aspect. But it is very hard to fight against such a powerful current, like the government of China. (more…)

Private networks are starting to get blocked in China

April 6, 2015

China’s siege over the freedom of Internet now affects the private networks as well. Authorities have found a sophisticated technology that can carefully monitor every move. (more…)

Increased firewall protection in China affects VPN providers

February 26, 2015

In recent times, some of the most reputable VPN providers worldwide have noticed they are encountering problems down in China. Users have reported weak connectivity, especially on mobile devices. Because VPN allows anyone to access uncensored information over the Internet, is this attempt at strengthening the firewall as a way to censure the people? (more…)