Australia adopted a law against “pirate” websites

July 24, 2015

The term “pirate website” is rather familiar to most Internet users. It is that place where you can find games, films, music, and many more, free of charge. The only condition these websites have is to offer yourself as a sharer for what you downloaded. The more the sharers are for a particular file, the better the download speed it will be. It is like an underground marketplace, where you can find anything you need, for small change. (more…)

Data retention laws in Australia and upcoming with VPN

April 29, 2015

Using secured Internet providers, like VPNs, we were sure that our data is kept safely, and our identity protected. But now, Australia is joining UK, by introducing a data retention bill. The new law will require all Australian telecommunications and Internet providers to stock their clients’ metadata for at least two years. The measure is claimed to help the need of fighting not only terrorism, but also other criminal acts. (more…)