Unblock websites at school or work with VPN

November 6, 2015

Perhaps you heard some voices telling that VPNs should be banned, because they dont want you to unblock websites at school or work with VPN, as they might hide persons that do not have the best intentions. But, if VPNs are banned, what will happen to our privacy and intimacy over the Internet. (more…)

VPN for Oman

September 18, 2015

Whether you travel to Oman on a vacation, or you wish to start a business here, you will notice that many websites are blocked for access. Oman has an intensive filtering system that closes down all websites that are considered to be dangerous for the population. More precisely, authorities target websites with (more…)

Unblock British websites with VPN

August 27, 2015

Regardless if you are British and traveling abroad, or you live outside the UK, if you are not on the British territory you may be surprised to find out that you cannot access all British websites. (more…)

China appreciates technology but not so much Internet

July 29, 2015

Well, of course, this is the idea of the Chinese government, who instituted censorship on the Internet connections within the country’s territory. If you would ask the people in the country, they probably won’t be too happy about this aspect. But it is very hard to fight against such a powerful current, like the government of China. (more…)

Closing down of Grooveshark and accessing Pandora with VPN

June 7, 2015

In the same time with Grooveshark closing, the access to free music also disappears. Grooveshark was the most appreciated music streaming website because it had no limitations regarding listening to any music. No free was required, and the user had the possibility of listening to as many songs he liked. (more…)

Watching US Netflix from outside of US with VPN

April 26, 2015

Watching US Netflix from outside of US and other regional online services may be unavailable for users that are out of the country’s boundaries. Why? Because when you access a website, your IP address is visible, so the administrator or the site can see your real access, not allowing access to that particular site. (more…)

How to access Hulu Plus on the outside of the U.S. by using ZPN

March 18, 2015

Hulu Plus is one of the best online video streaming services you can get. It is rather cheap, as you get to pay only $7.99 every month and enjoy the best movie series and more. But this happens only if you live in USA because it is a service available only to the American citizens. So, how can it help to know Hulu Plus is so great if you can’t use it? Well, the secret is that you can use if, after all if you have a ZPN. With this service, all geographical boundaries are wiped off, letting you enjoy the service you want best, no matter where you are. (more…)

The freedom of the Internet in Saudi Arabia with VPN

March 15, 2015

There is news everywhere that more countries are restricting the Internet access, due to various causes. Saudi Arabia is one of those countries that chose to put a censorship on the Internet. So if you ever travel there, don’t be astonished when you will notice that access to some web pages is restricted, showing you a message saying “Sorry, the requested page is unavailable”. You won’t have to worry that the page is down, is just the restrictions placed by the local Government. Perhaps only a good VPN service can help you, in this case, permitting access where most Saudi Arabia inhabitants do not have. (more…)

Freedom of Speech Through VPNs

March 5, 2015

In order to understand what the connection between freedom of speech and VPN, we must first look at the definition of VPN. VPN stands for Virtual Private Network that allows people to access networks outside of the controller of the network, e.g a government. VPN allows people the world over to access websites such as Facebook, Youtube, Twitter and other global websites. There are a number of countries that have set up firewalls that disable their citizens from accessing such sites as well as even government sites. (more…)

How to watch the Brazil World Cup 2014

June 29, 2014

Brasil World Cup 2014

How to watch the Brazil World Cup 2014

There are a few TV networks around the world who are showing all the Brazil World Cup 2014 games live online without the need for any type of subscription. However they restrict viewing to peoples of that country only. For example the BBC in the UK only allows residents in the UK to view the games.

No need to worry because ZPN will allow you to bypass those regional restrictions and view the matches live no matter where you live. Of course we could not tell you to break the law.

The BBC and ITV are showing them in the UK, to access these change your vpn location to United Kingdom and head over to BBC iPlayer or ITV Player. Depending on which is showing the match, you can watch from them. (UK PostCode: SL6 1JF)

You can also watch the matches live on the Canadian network CBC, change your location to Canada and visit the CBC Player by following the link.