Unblock Websites and Apps in Bangladesh

December 11, 2015

unblock websites and appsLike any other developing countries, Bangladesh is also doing its best to bring technology into the lives of more and more people in the country. The Internet is one of them, which has recorded a significant evolution in the past time. Back in the 1990s, the country had no more than 500 users of Internet on its entire territory. In 2013, 33 million users used the Internet, so the chance is considerable. Still, what is the connection between free VPNs and Internet connection in Bangladesh? (more…)

Unblock Facebook with VPN

August 6, 2015

In many countries, Facebook is blocked because the local authorities consider it a danger to the local population. Either they state that indecent material can be found on it, or messages that contradict their political beliefs, in any way they proceeded to block the social network. Thus, people that live in these countries are denied their rights to keep connected with other people in the same community or around the world. (more…)

Internet censorship in Pakistan

March 7, 2015

We love the internet and we love using it on a daily basis. A lot of people use Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to get in touch with friends. Some cannot live without it and some even use media platforms to advertise their products. Think just one second if Facebook, Twitter and Youtube blocked in your country.g