The protection of encryption and anonymity is extremely important

July 26, 2015

We all know about the Snowden case, about how easily information can get into the wrong hands. If you think he did a right thing, you may be correct in some manner since we found out some aspect that would have been otherwise forbidden to the broad public. But the fact that one person managed to get access to classified content raises another question, a more important one. And that is the safety of our data, the protection and the right of using encryption and anonymity. (more…)

Reasons why you should go undercover while surfing the Internet

July 21, 2015

It may be very quiet in the room you are using your computer and Internet connection. You might even close the lights and close the door because that won’t save you only from your family members of neighbors. The real danger comes from third parties that can instantly find out who you are, where you’re from and what intentions you have in the online environment. (more…)

Avoid Being Monitored Online with VPN

May 12, 2015

If you think your network provider is safe and won’t wonder around monitoring your activity, then you are wrong. In spite of your belief that no one is interested in what you are doing online, you should know that there are quite a couple of systems used to monitor everybody, regardless where they are and what they do. ISPs, corporations, even hackers, have systems implemented to track and monitor our online activity. (more…)

Go for a complete anonymity and connectivity by using AntiDPI

April 27, 2015

Deep Packet Inspection


DPI goes for Deep Packet Inspection, and it gathers data found in your network pack and analyzes it for the purpose of finding the used protocols or any other information that is logic. If you didn’t know, the uncovered data on your network acts as an open door, allowing everyone to see details about your activities on the network and other sensitive information, like credentials and other personal data. (more…)

Gaining anonymity with VPN on the Internet

April 20, 2015

You probably don’t want to be exposed when it comes to surfing the Internet. Most companies are making surveys, planting cookies on your computer, in order to find out what you like and what you prefer. Not to mention hackers and other highly trained specialists who can always track where you’ve been. So remaining anonymous on the Internet is not only to have your own privacy, but also to be protected from any intrusive attempts. You should also know that your Internet service provider may also track your online activities, to see where you are navigating. Perhaps this is something you don’t like to hear either.