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Secure your network through encrypted VPN tunnel and stay safe from hackers.

Encrypts Your Connection

The ZPN vpn service secures your online information, such as credit cards, online account’s details, like passwords and usernames, online banking details, and other sensitive data with the help of an AES-256 encryption, which is efficient and non-detectable.

Safe Internet Everywhere

When you use public networks, like the Wi-Fi Hotspots, which can be accessed by anyone extremely easy, script kids, hackers can steal your sensitive private information stored on your device, including your identity. By using ZPN, the public network connections you use will be secured and encrypted, keeping all your personal details private and protected.

Hide your IP address with the ZPN Free VPN Proxy and protect your privacy from trackers.

Provides a Virtual Firewall

Attacks on private computers are aimed directly at the IP address. But when you use a VPN, it acts as a virtual firewall because your actual IP address is hidden behind the IP address of our servers you chose to use. Best Free VPN Service, ZPN hides your IP address and encrypts your connection which gives you better anonymity than proxy servers.

Protects Your Anonymity

When connected to the Internet, if you use ZPN your data will be secured and encrypted, keeping all your personal details private will make you anonymous. Best VPN ZPN hides your IP address and makes sure that your online presence cannot be intercepted, monitored and recorded by your ISP, company, school or government.

Unblock Snapchat, Skype, Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Hulu, Netflix, WhatsApp, Viber and other blocked
sites or mobile applications at your school, workplace, office, country, and geografic regions.

Bypass Censorship

Unblocked Games, Facebook, Twitter, Hulu, Netflix, Youtube, ITV Player, BBC, Skype, Pandora, Snapchat and other websites and apps that might be forbidden at your school, work/office or even in your country. Also you can unblock applications like Snapchat, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Line, Tango, Skype, KakaoTalk, WeChat, mypeople, Tinder in your Android, Windows and IOS device.


Best Free VPN ZPN supports all the major VPN protocols: L2TP, OpenVPN protocols on all servers and provides the highest level of security using advanced encryption and authentication protocols, which will protect your data from any unauthorized access. On Android and Windows vpn applications also support the SSL VPN and AntiDPI protocols.

Server Locations

We have a total of 926 VPN servers located all over the world. Our users can access these servers without any restrictions.
You could change your location whenever you feel like it, according to your preferences or location. All the available locations gives you the best speed, anonymity and access to anywhere. You could also use different locations for country restricted services like BBC iplayer, Netflix.

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ZPN creates a Secure VPN network for everyday web use. Before you access the Internet, you need to establish your VPN connection, which will in protect all of your online data (emails, instant messaging, file transfers, online banking and all your online browsing), putting your activity through an encrypted tunnel. Any 3rd parties, including your ISP, governments, school or workplace will no longer have any visibility into your traffic. We recommend you to use a VPN for a secure network, take no risks when using the Internet.